About Us 

 Founded in 2019, our core business is in Digital Wi-Fi advertising. We are based in Nairobi Kenya and are focused on building stronger customer relationships, we work with clients to bring and create real business value and impact. Thus our dedication to our clients is something, we value and also a key part of maintaining and strengthening our relationship.

Who We Are 

We started in 2018 and today are 5 specialists in digital advertising – working across the Country’s, horizontal market and at all levels. Our core business lies within digital advertising, we offer complete, inclusive and Intelligent Digital Advertising services for your Progressive Business needs.


To Creating real business value to our esteemed customers by offering affordable digital advertising services. Plus, return on Ad Spend ROAS and performance measured by real value business outcomes. The result: A stronger brand & increased revenue for our clients. Quality and integrity, between us and our clients is something we pride ourselves on.

Our Tech Solution Creates Business Value

We run Mobile based Adsimu platform a Self-Serve Mobile WIFI Advertising Platform, designed specifically for Wi-Fi advertising. Thus an AI based Wi-Fi digital advertising platform that enables clients to reach their audience via any internet enabled device as well as get instant insights, analytics and monitor the implementation of any brand campaigns at any level.

How it Works.

Built using Modern WIFI technology, our platform aims to target smartphone users across the city of Nairobi. We offer free Wi Fi public within the CBD Nairobi, to end users and in return push advertisements, thus essential Wi Fi Services and Monetization. End users must go through the login process on our landing page, which gives us the opportunity to monetize the Wi Fi session again by showing them promoted video/ banner display advertisements. In addition, it also us a chance collects analytics on repeat vs. new Wi Fi users on our network.

Forging Stronger  Relationships

The level of service, innovation and dedication our clients receive is something, we value and also a key part of maintaining and strengthening our relationship. We work with clients to bring maximum value and impact. It’s all about brand visibility and value addition.

  • The result:

  • A stronger brand & increased revenues for our clients, Quality and integrity, between us and our clients is something we at Uppercut pride ourselves on

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